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    1How long in advance should I contact Newlife movers?
    Often, you don’t know when exactly you will move and thus, you can’t schedule your move in advance. In the best-case scenario, you will start contacting us at least a month in advance. The earlier, the better. Why? Because then you will have the time schedule your move for the desired day.
    2What is an estimate and how many should I get?
    An estimate is an educated guess of the approximate cost of your moving. This educated guess is based on your inventory, our tariff and our experience performing the same types of moves – local or long distance. To get an estimate, you can click on the 'GET AN ESTiMATE' link on our main menu, then you fill the form on the page, indicating what type of loads you are moving, a distance of moving and other information necessary.
    3How long will it take to move my home?
    Every move is strictly individual and the time to complete it can vary a lot. The time to complete a moving job depends on the size of your home, the magnitude of your household and the distance to be traveled. If you are moving out of a one-bedroom home, it may take up to three hours to pack, load, and move locally. If you are moving long-distance, packing and loading will vary depending on the size of your home and it may take up to two weeks for your mover to deliver your stuff. So, the time required to move your home will depend greatly on the type of your move and the size of your home. After analyzing your loads, we can give you an estimated time it will take.
    4Is there a minimum amount of hours for the moving service?
    There is always a minimum amount of hours for the moving service but it usually applies for local moves. The minimum amount of hours is between 2 and 2.5 hours. Therefore, even if your move takes less than two hours to complete, you are still required to pay the minimum. If your move takes longer than 2 hours, then the amount is prorated and you pay for every 15-minute increment. For long-distance moves, the minimum hour's rule does not apply, you pay the final bill based on the distance between the two homes, the weight of the total shipment, and any other additional services you may require.